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Philippines Auto Finance Market Growth, Analysis and Outlook to 2026: Ken Research

Philippines Auto Finance Market Overview

Philippines is 2nd fastest growing vehicle market in ASEAN with Commercial vehicles with higher market share and the market has observed the maximum growth in the automotive industry in ASEAN Countries, with automotive loan outstanding growth in the last five years mainly due to population increase and economic growth. The Auto Finance Market is in the Growing Phase with Banking Institutions and NBFCs leading the Market and Online Aggregators Platforms entering the Market with the Introduction of Online Personal Loan aggregator Platforms in the market to provide ease in vendor selection process like BSP pay, Pesopay are among the top aggregator, Better Technological Infrastructure in the form of growing Auto Finance platforms and rising usage of AI and ML for better Auto lending experience will lead the future growth of the industry. Innovative Business Models such as Subscription Lending & shared ownership may grow in future to increase car financing. The market is still expected to a good growth in Auto Finance Market of Philippines.

How Is Rapid Auto Finance Market Is Positioned In Philippines?

Philippines Auto Finance Market Overview

Philippines Auto Finance Market is Expected to grow at a  good  CAGR  in between 2021 and 2026F, one of the major determinants for the surging growth in coming years is the Increasing Population and growing income levels leading to rise in sales of cars , the rise in Auto Outstanding Loans in Philippines, the increase in Auto Loan Outstanding is expected a high growth rate between 2021F-2026F, High-Mid range car models are expected to witness strong success as the majority of car buyers segment includes the High Income people leading to larger Loan amount per customer, Expectation of high growth in car sales especially in Green cars as the government is building the infrastructure like the charging point at public parks. Higher digitization and usage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve customer convenience. New Business Models such as Subscription Lending, Shared ownership financing are coming into play which will lead the way for high growth rate in the Philippines Auto Finance Market.

Competition Scenario in Philippine Auto Finance Market

Philippines Auto Finance Industry is expected to witness growth in future owing to reasons such as Increasing demand for automotive, growing income levels, new and innovative business models and more. Major Institutions include Security Bank, Robinson Bank, First United Finance and Leasing Corporation, East West bank, Asia Link Finance Corporation. Other players in the market includes Yulon Finance Philippines Corporation, MetroBank, Welcome Bank, TFSPH, Bank of Philippines Island, BDO Unibank, Malayan Insurance, Land Bank of Philippines, Development Bank of Philippines, Union Bank, Sterling Bank of Philippines, Pen Bank, The Philippine Bank of Communications. Companies in Auto Finance Market in Philippines are competing based on Interest Rate Offered, Loan Tenure, Deals Offered, Convenience and Extra Fees Charged.

Key Segments Covered:-

Philippines Auto Finance Market

By Category of Lenders (By Credit dispersed), 2021 & 2026F

Universal and Commercial Banks

Thrift Banks



By Type Of Vehicles (By Credit dispersed), 2021 & 2026F

Two and Three Wheelers

Four Wheelers

Buses and Trucks

By Type of Ownership (By Credit dispersed), 2021 & 2026F

Used Cars

New Cars

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By Category of Vehicles (By Credit dispersed), 2021 & 2026F

Passenger Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

By Loan Tenure (By Credit dispersed), 2021 & 2026F

12 – 24 Months

25 – 48 Months


By Geographical Location (By Credit dispersed), 2021 & 2026F

Region I

Region II

Region III

Region IV – A

Region IV – B

Region V

Region VI

Region VII

Region VIII

Region IX

Region X

Region XI

Region XII




Key Target Audience

Banks and its Subsidiaries


Captive Finance Companies

Government and Institutions

Automobile Companies

Car Dealers

Government and Institutions

Existing Auto Finance Companies

OEM Dealerships

New Market Entrants


Auto mobile Associations

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2016-2020

Base Year: 2021

Forecast Period: 2022– 2026F

Companies Covered:

Asialink Finance Corporation

Yulon Finance Philippines Corporation

Security Bank


Welcome Bank

Toyota Financial Services Philippines Corporation (TFSPH)

Bank of Philippines Island

BDO Unibank

Malayan Insurance

Philippine Depository and Trust Corporation

LBP leasing and Financing Corporation

Robinsons Bank

The Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCOM)

Land Bank of Philippines

Asia United Bank

Development Bank of Philippines

Union Bank

Sterling Bank of Philippines

Penbank and more

For more insights on the market intelligence, refer to the link below:-

Philippines Auto Finance Market

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