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What Makes Activa 6G Red Colour Stand Out Style and Features Reviewed

The Honda Activa Scooty has been a popular choice in the Indian market for decades, and the new Activa 6G Red Colour has taken that popularity to a whole new level. The Activa 6G is a stylish and reliable scooter that offers a perfect combination of performance and comfort. And the red colour on the Activa 6G adds a unique and trendy twist to the already-awesome two-wheeler.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Activa 6G Red Colour stand out from the rest in terms of style and features.


The design of the Activa 6G Red Colour is one of a kind. The scooter boasts a sleek and stylish body that will turn heads wherever you go. The red colour adds a sporty and vibrant look to the scooter. It looks stunning and gives off a youthful vibe.

The scooter comes with a glossy finish that accentuates the red colour and adds depth to the design. The chrome finish on the front apron and the side panels further adds a touch of elegance to the scooter.

The Activa 6G Red Colour also comes with a newly designed LED headlamp that offers better visibility and a modern look. The LED tail lamp and turn signals are also a great addition.

The 3D Activa logo on the scooter further enhances the style quotient of the scooter. The streamlined design of the scooter also offers better aerodynamics and reduces drag, resulting in better fuel efficiency, making the scooter more practical for everyday use.


Apart from being stylish, the Activa 6G Red Colour also comes with some impressive performance features. The scooter is powered by a 109.51cc engine that churns out 7.7 PS of power and 8.79 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a smooth and efficient automatic transmission.

The telescopic front suspension and the 3-step adjustable rear suspension ensure a comfortable ride on all types of roads from smooth city roads to bumpy country lanes.

The scooter also comes with Honda’s advanced Combi-Brake System (CBS) that ensures safe and efficient braking, even at high speeds. The system applies both the front and rear brakes simultaneously, reducing the stopping distance and increasing the stability of the scooter.

The scooter comes with an eco-friendly BS6 engine that complies with all the current emission norms. The engine also offers improved fuel efficiency, making the scooter a cost-effective choice for daily commuting.


The Activa 6G Red Colour comes loaded with some amazing features that make the scooter a complete package.

One of the most notable features of the scooter is the silent start system. The scooter uses an ACG starter motor that eliminates the need for a conventional starter motor. As a result, the scooter starts up without any noise, making it very convenient for early morning commutes.

The scooter also comes with an integrated glove box that offers ample storage space for essentials like documents, wallet, mobile phone, etc. The scooter also comes with a front utility hook that lets you carry small bags of groceries with ease.

The digital instrument cluster on the scooter offers a clear and modern display of all the necessary information, like speed, fuel level, and odometer reading. The scooter also comes with a side-stand cut-off switch that shuts off the engine if the side-stand is engaged, ensuring rider safety.


The Activa 6G Red Colour is an excellent choice for those who want a stylish, reliable, and efficient two-wheeler. The red colour on the Activa 6G adds a unique touch of style that sets it apart from other scooters in the market.

The scooter is also loaded with features that make it a great value for money. The silent start system, digital instrument cluster, and integrated glove box are just a few of the many features that make the Activa 6G Red Colour a practical and convenient scooter for daily use.

Overall, the Activa Scooty is a great choice for anyone looking for a stylish and reliable scooter that offers great performance and features. So, if you’re in the market for a new scooter, give the Activa 6G Red Colour a try, and you won’t be disappointed. Need a new scooter? You can finance its purchase with ease with Bajaj Finserv Two-wheeler Loans.


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