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3 Key Insights on ~US$ 15 Bn Opportunity in the Global Dietary Fibers Market: Ken Research

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Increased Geriatric Population, Worldwide Consumer Demand for Fiber-Rich Food Products, and Rising Emphasis on Health and Wellness are Some of The Key Factors Expected to Propel the Market Growth Of the Global Dietary Fibers Market, which is forecasted to Cross ~US$ 15 Bn by 2028 says Ken Research Study.

The edible plant parts or analogous carbohydrates that are resistant to digestion and absorption in the small intestine of humans with either complete or partial fermentation in the large intestine is known as dietary fiber. Polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, lignin, and plant substances are all components of dietary fiber. Dietary fibers have beneficial physiological effects such as laxation, blood cholesterol reduction, and blood glucose reduction.

Ken Research shares 3 key insights on this high-opportunity market from its latest research study.

  1. Customers’ Rising Health Consciousness and Awareness of the Benefits of Excellent Health Are Some Major Trends Driving the Expansion of the Dietary Fibers Market.

The growing health consciousness among consumers, rising awareness about the health benefits of soluble dietary fibers, the rise in chronic disease incidences, increasing demand from pharma, food, and feed manufacturers to incorporate soluble dietary fibers into their products is likely to propel the growth of the market.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in September 2022 stated that Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) killed 41 million people per year, accounting for 74% of all deaths worldwide. Annually, 17 million people die from an NCD before the age of 70, with low- and middle-income countries accounting for 86% of these premature deaths.

According to Ken Research estimates, the Global Dietary Fibers Market – valued at around ~US$ 5 billion in 2017 and estimated to reach nearly ~US$ 8 billion in 2022 – is further expected to grow to around ~US$ 15 billion opportunity by 2028.

Global Dietary Fibers Market

  1. Demand For Dietary Fibers Is Expanding as A Result Of Enhanced Nutrition Awareness And A Trend Toward A Healthier Lifestyle.

The global market for dietary fibers is anticipated to be driven by rising nutrition knowledge that extends beyond the standard diet and a trend toward a healthier lifestyle. Dietary fiber consumption decreases the chance of developing a variety of diseases including diabetes, heart disease, diverticular disease, and constipation. Foods high in calories and sugar are considered to be the cause of a rising prevalence of obese adults and children. Additionally, dietary fibers are employed as prebiotics, sugar & low-fat substitutes, and bulking & hydrocolloid agents.

For Instance, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2021 reported that within the population of USA, adults aged 20 to 39 years had an obesity prevalence of 39.8%, adults aged 40 to 59 years had an obesity prevalence of 44.3%, and adults aged 60 and older had an obesity prevalence of 41.5%.

Global Dietary Fibers Market

  1. Stringent Government Regulations On Dietary Fibers Restrict Market Expansion.

Stringent government regulations regarding dietary fibers are expected to pose a major challenge to market growth during the forecast period. The FDA’s stringent rules, which include the recent declaration that the definition of dietary fibers would alter in the near future, are also expected to hinder the market’s growth. It demonstrates that market restraints include recalling products already on the market for reassessment and inspection. Additionally, the lack of knowledge regarding the health benefits of dietary fiber in rural areas is impeding market expansion. The cost-intensiveness of the market and the time and money required for regulatory approval are additional restraints on it over the forecast period.

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For instance, according to Harvard Health Publishing, Harvard Medical School in 2019 reported that American adults consume 10 to 15 grams of total fiber per day on average, while the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommended daily amount for adults up to the age of 50 is 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men. Women over 50 should consume 21 and men over 50 should consume 30 grams per day, respectively.

Key Topics Covered in the Report

  • Snapshot of Dietary Fibers Market
  • Industry Value Chain and Ecosystem Analysis
  • Market size and Segmentation of the Dietary Fibers Market
  • Historic Growth of the Overall Dietary Fibers Market and Segments
  • Competition Scenario of the Market and Key Developments of Competitors
  • Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis of the Dietary Fibers Market Industry
  • Overview, Source Offerings, and Strengths & Weaknesses of Key Competitors
  • COVID-19 Impact on the Overall Dietary Fibers Market
  • Future Market Forecast and Growth Rates of the Total Dietary Fibers Market and by Segments
  • Market Size of Application with Historical CAGR and Future Forecasts
  • Analysis of the Dietary Fibers Market in Global Regions
  • Major Dietary Fibers Type/Supply and Consumption/Demand Hubs in the Region
  • Region-wise Historic and Future Market Growth Rates of the Total Market and Segments
  • Overview of Notable Emerging Competitor Companies within the Region

Notable Key Players Mentioned in the Report

  • Cargill, Incorporated.
  • Tate & Lyle
  • Roquette Frères
  • Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM)
  • Rettenmaier & Söhne GmbH + Co KG
  • Kerry Group plc.
  • Nexira

Notable Emerging Companies Mentioned in the Report

  • Fibervar
  • Upliftfood
  • Bonumose, Inc.
  • Unikherb
  • Meati Inc.

Key Target Audience – Organizations and Entities Who Can Benefit by Subscribing This Report

  • Raw Material Suppliers for Dietary Fiber
  • Manufacturers of Dietary Fiber
  • Distributors, Suppliers, and Sales Channels
  • Market Research and Consultancy Firms
  • Associations, Alliances, And Organizations Specialized in Dietary Fiber
  • Market Players in Dietary Fiber
  • Investors for Dietary Fiber
  • Government Departments of Dietary Supplements
  • Ministries and Departments of Pharmaceuticals
  • Ministries and Departments of Healthcare
  • Emerging and Startup Companies in Dietary Fibers

Time Period Captured in the Report

  • Historical Period: 2017-2021
  • Forecast Period: 2022E-2028F

For more information on the research report, refer to the below link:

Global Dietary Fibers Market Size, Segments, Outlook, and Revenue Forecast 2022-2028: Ken Research


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