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A Right Growth Strategy is Important for Business Growth: Ken Research

Growth And Expansion Strategy is an action plan designed to assist businesses which internment a larger share of the market, even if it that comes with an expense of the short-term profit. The growth strategy for a company implements and depends profoundly on the factors related to finances, market, and the industry which company operate. The developing new or revising the existing growth strategy isn’t that one which may fits for all the process. In fact, any change in the market circumstances strategic decisions also vary a lot. Companies cannot replicate or duplicate the strategies based on someone else’s successes as it will not help in any way. Organizations learn from another company, but thoughtlessly implementing or copying a plan won’t create supportable growth.

Market Penetration

It is one of the most candid growth strategy, and one of most used by different organizations. The objective of using the market penetration technique is to trade more products to the targeted customers. Largely, the majority of growth and marketing techniques fall under this category.

Market Development

Market development is about finding new markets and customer segments which can be assisted with products manufactured by the organization. This can include activities like primary new retail locations, developing up of new marketing messages to target different demographics, or even adopting a different pricing structure.

Product Development

The goal of product development strategy is to upsurge market segments and develop more and more products for the target market. This can further referred as simple as adding new features to existing product, or developing entirely new products.


Diversification strategy aims to progress entirely on new products for the new markets. Businesses characteristically achieve this growth by buying or partnering with the pre-existing companies which deal with the wide range of services.


Buying another company is occasionally a cost-effective way for increasing the market share, capture of new markets or diversifying the product range. This strategy gives an established clientele and operation, which may adjust for adding value. The acquisition may be a good strategy to expand in a new location where lack contacts and local knowledge is observed. A small company might use such strategy for expanding product line and enter in a new market. Acquisition strategy can further be risky, but not as risky as a diversification strategy.

Buying a franchise

Acquiring a franchise for a business which usually arises with heading, thoughtful marketing and backing from franchise owner. But it is important be assured to investigate all costs, including start-up fees, royalties, advertising and supplies.

Increase in advancements for products or services to improve their demand. Aside from both conventional and non-conventional forms of advertising, small businesses can also hire other means to attract customers such as offers, promotional events, trade and sales discount, rebate and schemes.

Improvements on the products

Encourage more people for buying product that improve the existing features, or finding an alternative to use it. However, in most of the cases, there is a need for changing to product.

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