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4 Catalysts that will make UAE Fitness Equipment Market a USD 110 Mn market by 2026. Will UAE be able achieve that mark?: Ken Research

The factors such as rapid urbanization with the influx of foreign population, rising disposable income of the consumers, rising health concerns such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases due to unhealthy lifestyles, the inclination of consumers to undertake online fitness sessions to enjoy exercising in the comfort of their homes and as per their convenience collaborated with home-based fitness equipment post-pandemic along-with various government initiatives and corporate wellness program are the major factors driving the growth of fitness equipment market.

UAE Residential Townships fitness center market share

Other Challenges in UAE Fitness Equipment Market Industry

1. Wellness tourism industry, increasing expat population along with growth in youth inhabitants drives the fitness equipment market.

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With UAE emerging as the major leisure and entertainment hub a massive growth is seen in the wellness tourism industry wherein tourist is concerned in maintaining their daily fitness routine during their stay in UAE. Additionally, with influx of a foreign population over the last decades there has been a considerable change in the pattern of lifestyle due to shift in ideology from conservative to open-minded wherein people are more willing to indulge in fitness activities along with major concerns towards women fitness. Also, rapid urbanization in the region complements the demography change as consumers are shifting to urban cities for better job opportunities and with the increasing financial stability of consumers leads them in availing fitness services and purchase home based equipment for continuing fitness activities as per their convenience.

2. UAE has been a leading example in promoting healthy lifestyle as a community.

Government of UAE aims to increase community awareness about the importance of physical activity and boost community’s capability to adopt healthy lifestyles, create a supportive healthcare environment. Moreover, regular conduction of Wellness, Health and Fitness Events in the UAE fuels the cause of government to promote healthy lifestyle among the residents. This also include establishing the UAE well-being Model for Residential Communities, implementation of a Community Wellbeing Nutrition Program and adoption of the Community Program for Active Lifestyle.  

3. UAE is the net importing country of fitness equipment with imports valued at USD ~120 Mn, 2020.  

UAE Fitness equipment Trends

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Majority of the equipment’s are imported from countries such as China, US and Italy, with China being the major importer of the fitness equipment in UAE. Also, post-pandemic number of imported fitness equipment’s escalated to USD ~120 Million in 2020. Moreover, rising disposable income of the country has led to cumulative increase in imports. Furthermore, increase in foreign population (Expatriates) has led influenced the overall population of UAE to follow latest trends and standards of living which has upscaled the demands of latest fitness equipment’s which can be availed from the foreign countries.

4.AKI Fitness is dominating the market by providing high-end Fitness Equipment and solutions in UAE with brand partnership with Life Fitness.

Challenges Sports equipment sector UAE

AKI Fitness is dominating the market by providing high-end Fitness Equipment and solutions in UAE with brand partnership with Life Fitness. It is the official distributor for Life Fitness and Concept2 across UAE. It records the highest annual sales of USD 12 Million in 2021 as fitness equipment distributor in the UAE. Also, BeFit is AKI Fitness own retail brand. All these collaboration between major companies helps the industry to grow further.


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