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Increase in Need to Analyze Optically Active Fluids Expected to Drive Global Automatic Polarimeter Market: Ken Research

An automatic polarimeter is a modern and automatic type of a manual or the optical based polarimeter. It is laboratory instrument which enables in measuring the rotational angle of the polarized light passing out over an optically active substance for determining concentration of a solution. The chemical substances are optically active, and polarized light rotates to left or right when passed over such substances. The amount by which light gets rotated is known as to be the angle of rotation. The automatic measurements are taken by instrument’s electronics further independent based on operator skill, however skilled operator may deliver more accurate and repeatable. Polarimeters are also ascertain with the identity, quality, and concentration of substances in mixtures. Additionally, the observed angle can further be used for forecasting an outcome of conversions and reactions. Owing to its functionality and operation, polarimeters are used in a variety of industries such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and agriculture. Polarimeters are dynamic to drug development with the optical properties of numerous pharmacological agents crucial to determining the impact, taste, smell, and properties of medications. The automated polarimeters are convenient, fast and accurate as the polarimeter analyzer is rotated and device itself determines the analyzer orientation over minimum optical power transmission these instruments may also be quite simple to handle and less prone to possible errors of the operator. The amount of optical activity, as calculated from the measured rotation angle and length of the sample, may directly appear on a digital display. Some of key advantages include its automatic operations, precision analysis and repeatable results. However high prices may impact the market.

According to study, “Global Automatic Polarimeter Market Size study, by Type (Economical Automatic Polarimeter, Automatic High-Performance Polarimeter), by Application (Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Essential Oils, Flavors and Fragrances, Others) and Regional Forecasts 2018-2025”. Some of the key companies operating in the global automatic polarimeter market are A KRUSS Optronic, Shanghai Insmark Instrument Technology, ATAGO, Ningbo Biocotek Scientific Instrument Co., Limited, Rudolph Research Analytical, Schmidt + Haensch GmbH & Co., Anton Paar GmbH, Azzota Corporation, Bellingham + Stanley (Xylem), Bante Instruments, JASCO, Hanon Instruments, DigiPol Technologies, Star Laboratories. Some of the manufacturers are continuously investing heavily in development of novel drug development to capitalize on surge in demand.

Based on type, automatic polarimeter market is segmented into automatic high-performance polarimeter and economical automatic polarimeter. In addition, based on application, market is segmented into foods, essential oils, pharmaceuticals, flavors or fragrances and others.

The automatic polarimeter market is driven by increase in need to analyze optically active fluids, followed by change in preference from manual polarimeter to automated polarimeter. However, high cost associated with the equipment may impact the market. Moreover, growth in demand from diverse sectors such as chemical, food & beverages, and agriculture is a key opportunity for market.

In upcoming years, it is expected that future of the automatic polarimeter market will be bright as a result of rise in demand in aerosol detection for environmental protection and weather forecasting during the forecast period.

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Global Automatic Polarimeter Market

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