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Rise in Demand for Consumer Electronics Expected to Drive Global Bronze Rods Market: Ken Research

Bronze rod is one of the most generally used forms of bronze alloy. It is a rod of bronze metal, extruded commonly from an alloy of copper and tin. Sometimes, it is alloyed with other elements, for instance, aluminum, manganese, phosphorus, or silicon. Tin gives more corrosion resistance than brass and also gives greater strength than copper. Each alloy gives its own application-specific benefits. Aluminum bronze rod is ideal for bearings & bushings due to its high strength & resistance to corrosion. Bronze rod is mainly used for sculpture, weapons, and decorative objects. It is used in several industrial applications industries including electrical assembly, marine technology, automotive and more.

The key features are included easily recyclable, low-maintenance, oxidize only on the surface level & temporary oxidation later can be easily removed and durable owing to its resistance to damage, etc.

According to the study, “Global Bronze Rods Market Status (2015-2019) and Forecast (2020-2024) by Region, Product Type & End-Use” the key companies operating in the global bronze rods market are Mahavir Metal Corporation, Metal Alloys Corporation, HUTMEN, Sai Forge Private Limited, Morgan Bronze, Supreme Metals, Sohan Brass Industries, California Metal & Supply. The key vendors compete based on product quality, cost, availability, and reliability of the products. It is important for vendors to provide cost-effective & high-quality products to compete in the market.

Based on type, the bronze rods market is segmented into phosphor bronze rods, lead bronze rods, and aluminum bronze rods. Aluminum bronze is used to making marine sleeve bearings, pumps, hardware, and valves, which handle corrosive & acidic fluids. Based on properties, the market is segmented into corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, malleability, ductility, electrical conductivity, and others. Based on the production process, the market is segmented into casting, extrusion, forging, and other processes. The casting segment is projected to witness higher CAGR owing to a rise in usage by bronze manufacturers that helps the producers to build enormous sizes and shapes for its end-use industry during the forecast period. Based on application, the market is segmented into construction, manufacturing, interior decoration, bearings & bushes, water system, valves, gas system, hardware fittings, pump parts, engine & pressure component, steam fittings, and others. In addition, based on end-users, the market is segmented into civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace industry, instrument development, automotive industry, and others.

The bronze rods market is driven by a rise in demand for consumer electronics, followed by growth in demand for construction & interior decoration, increase in demand from small and medium enterprises (SMEs), rise in changes in government regulations, rapid advancement in processes, and increase in the application of bronze rods in various end-use industries. However, the high cost of rods may impact the market. Moreover, an increase in infrastructure development in emerging economies is a key opportunity for the market.

Based on geography, the Asian-Pacific region holds the major share in the bronze rods market owing to rapid the industrial growth of the marine industry and the increase in emerging economies in the region. Whereas, the European and North-American regions are anticipated to exhibit substantial growth rate due to growth in the automotive & transportation industry and rise in demand from the electronics industry over the forecast period.

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Global Bronze Rods Industry Growth

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