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Indian Dental Insurance Industry Future Outlook: Ken Research

India Healthcare Infrastructure

Healthcare infrastructure has improved in recent years with major advancements led by private players and startups expanding to semi-urban and rural areas. In the past few years, the government has also launched initiatives such as the National Health Protection Scheme, various Insurance schemes to foster awareness for healthcare among the population. Yet, India lacks behind many peer countries such as Sweden spending 9.2% of its GDP on healthcare, UK (8.5%), Canada (7.7%) and India incurs expenditure of about 1.4%. Doctor-patient ratio, restricted healthcare accessibility to Tier 1 cities and rising medical treatment prices are challenges daunting the penetration of good quality affordable healthcare in India.

Lagging Dental Infrastructure

Around 700mn people suffer from oral diseases and lack of awareness for preventive care further contributes to the miserable state of oral awareness in India.

Around 254,283 dental surgeons registered with DCI are available for 1.3 billion population, dental treatments have been generally preferred through experienced standalone private clinics located at almost every corner of major cities. However, with the establishment and rapid expansion of Chain clinics, the trend is shifting with customers subscribing to membership plans carried out by chain clinics.

Chain Clinics: Leading the acceleration

600 chain clinics treated 1.3 million patients across India during 2019, highlighting the fast-paced growth and adaptability of the population towards chain clinics. Such clinics are majorly restricted to top cities of India including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and others. Chain clinics companies such as Clove, Apollo White Dental, and 32 Dental are considering expanding their operations to semi-urban, Tier-II cities of India, making them appropriate.

Evaluation Of Dental Infrastructure In Bangalore

With a 5.1 mn population majorly working in the corporate sector, high penetration of Chain clinics and rising preventive care patients, Bangalore becomes a preferred hub for dental insurance products.

While the majority of patients still prefer sick care treatment yet a number of cases for preventive treatment have been rising consistently indicating the changing mindset of patients.

With common treatment procedures include Scaling, Filling, OPG, an average new patient ticket size is USD~.

There exists less variation between prices of dental treatment procedures performed by standalone private clinic dentists and chain clinics, making standardization of premiums and getting dentists onboard easy.

Existing Dental Insurance Coverage

Mapping the current scenario, dental treatment procedures find limited coverage in popular health insurance plans of India. While some plans cover dentures, OPD charges, partial dental expenses but the majority of them does not mention coverage for complete/accidental dental treatments.

Companies Mentioned:-

Chain Clinics

Clove Dental

Apollo White Dental

32 Dental

Sabka Dentist

Axiss Dental

Health Insurance Companies

Apollo Munich

Max Bupa

ICICI Lombard

Bharti AXA


Bajaj Allianz

Dental Insurance Company


Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

Overview of India Healthcare Infrastructure

Improvement in Infrastructure led by Private Players

Comparison of Healthcare Infrastructure with Developed Countries

Overview of Dental Infrastructure in India

Challenges in Delivery of Oral Healthcare

Recent Investments in Dental Industry

Business Model of Clove Dental

India Healthcare Sector Growth

Number of Dentists in India

Latest Updates Dental Council of India

Coverage Dental Insurance India

Comparison of Top 6 Health Insurance Providers in India

Indian Healthcare Industry Size in USD Million

Number of Medical Colleges and Doctors in India

Axiss Dental Insurance Sector Analysis

Major Health Insurance Companies in India

Full Coverage Dental Insurance Market

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