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Home Health Care Middle East Dietary Supplements Market Outlook To 2023: Ken Research

Middle East Dietary Supplements Market Outlook To 2023: Ken Research

UAE Functional Beverages Market Segmentation

By Product Category: FF Soft Drinks are the preferred category of the functional beverages in the UAE. The category contributed ~% revenue in 2018 and was valued at AED ~ Million. The climatic condition of UAE is very hot and therefore consumers prefer to consume FF soft drinks over the FF hot drinks. The popular product categories in the FF hot drinks are hot chocolate beverages, plant and fruit based malt drinks and others. Green Tea is also becoming popular in the region due to increased health benefits such as boosting of antioxidants and others.
UAE Nutritional Supplements MarketBy Type of Soft Drinks: Energy Drinks were the most selling product category in the FF Soft Drinks market. It is highly consumed by the youngsters especially the teenagers and young adults. As these drinks contain high sugar and caffeine content, the government of UAE implemented ~% Excise duty on these drinks in order to de-motivate consumers from the consumption of these drinks. This decreased the market in 2017 by ~% and by ~% in 2018. The demand shifted towards the FF concentrates and juices as people wanted to consumer products made from natural ingredients.

UAE Vitamins And Dietary Supplements Market Segmentation

By Nature (Standard and Herbal/ Traditional Vitamins and Dietary Supplements): The market was observed to be largely dominated by the standard vitamins and supplements that collectively captured a revenue share of ~% in the year 2018 owing to their lower price, better availability and faster results. On the other hand, herbal vitamins and supplements captured the remaining ~% revenue share in the year 2018. Consumers prefer to consumer the standard products due to high reliability as they are backed by scientific proves, are widely available and are recommended by various health professionals. The consumers want to consume herbal supplements as they are considered to have less or no side effects as they are made naturally through using plant extracts. However the market has witnessed presence of various fake products which have harmed the consumers. Therefore, they are highly cautious while using any herbal products.

This has had a negative impact on the demand for herbal products. The share of herbal vitamins and dietary supplements was ~% in 2018 on the basis of revenue in the UAE Vitamins and Dietary Supplements market.

By Type of Vitamins (Multiple Vitamins and Single Vitamins): Multivitamins were the leading category of Vitamins in the UAE region with a market share of ~% in 2018, in the UAE Vitamins market. These have higher share in the market as it offers consumers the convenience of obtaining all essential nutrients in a single tablet. Single Vitamins are better suited for specific nutrient deficiencies or in support or prevention of certain disease. UAE has acute shortage of Vitamin D and Vitamin B among its residents, therefore the sale of single vitamins was facilitated by the usage for these two vitamins. Single Vitamins captured a market share of around ~% of the total Vitamins market in the year 2018. It generated revenue of around AED ~ Million in the year 2018.

By Type of Dietary Supplements (Herbal/ Traditional Dietary Supplements and Non-Herbal/ Traditional Dietary Supplements): The market for dietary supplements was majorly dominated by the non-herbal/traditional dietary supplements. These products are famous as the consumers trust these products, are widely available and are less costly in comparison with the herbal dietary supplements. The dietary supplements accounted revenue of AED ~ Million in 2018 with a share of ~% in the UAE Dietary Supplements market in 2018. The share for herbal dietary supplements was observed to be at AED ~ Million in 2018 with ~% share in the market in 2018.

Competitive Landscape Covered In The Report

The UAE Nutritional Supplements market is currently in late growth stage. In functional food market, the competition is currently moderately concentrated with top 5players are having about ~% of the revenue share as of 2018. The big international players are leading the market with only two domestic players being in the top six players. Some of the notable players in the industry include Nestle S.A., Danone Group, Kellogg Company, Al Rawabi Dairy Company and IFFCO Group. On the other hand, the overall nutritional supplement market is majorly dependent upon imports as the local agricultural scenario in the UAE is not appropriate and is dominated by the foreign players in most of the product categories. However, some of the top players in the industries have undertaken local manufacturing in the region for certain products. Companies largely compete on the basis of Brand image, product quality, pricing, options provided to consumers, presence on retail space and others.

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UAE Nutritional Supplements Market

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