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Home Manufacturing And Construction Machinery And Parts Indonesia Plastic Pipes and Fittings Market: Ken Research

Indonesia Plastic Pipes and Fittings Market: Ken Research

How Plastic Pipes And Fittings Market Is Positioned In Indonesia?

The Indonesia Plastic Pipes and Fittings Market is currently in its growing stage. The majority of the companies in this market have started their business operations in the early 1970s and poses as the biggest competitors in the market.

About ~% of the pipes in Indonesia are domestically produced, whereas the remaining ~% of the product is imported in the country in the country. Major import destinations for Indonesia include China, Japan and Singapore, and others. In Indonesia, in the initial years only pipes and fittings were produced by the companies. At present, entire piping solutions for activities such as irrigation, mining, plumbing, construction of drinking water channels are available in the market. The demand for PVC pipes was not very high initially but over time PVC pipes started replacing the traditional system of using galvanized iron and cement piping due to its advantages over iron and steel pipes.

The growth in the Industry was driven by an increase in housing and high rise real estate development, increase in government projects and influx of international and local plastic pipe manufacturers such as PT Avian Power from Indonesia and Lesso Group from China which has established a ~ tons plastic pipe manufacturing capacity.

Indonesia Plastic pipes and fittings market is moderately concentrated in terms of sales value as out of all the companies operating in the market. Companies in the Indonesia Plastic pipes and fitting market compete on the basis of price, quality, diversification in the portfolio, production capacity, and relationship with stakeholders and certifications. In Indonesia Plastic Pipes and Fittings market, the majority of the companies are organized and they all together contribute X% share in the market, whereas remaining share in the market is catered by unorganized players. Indonesia the market is slowly shifting from PVC to PE pipes and the share of PE pipes is expected to rise in the market in the coming years.

Indonesia Plastic Pipes and Fittings Market Segmentation

By Type of Pipe (PVC, PE, and ABS, PVDFPPR):

The market was observed to be dominated by PVC piping due to inherent benefits such as ease of manufacturing, installation and anti-corrosive properties among others. Indonesia has at least 6 suppliers of PVC resin. On the other hand, HDPE production is more expensive due to scarcity of raw materials in Indonesia, requires greater control during manufacturing which drives the price up.

By Type of PVC Pipe (uPVCCPVC & PVC-O)

The most commonly used PVC pipes in the market are uPVC for irrigation systems and pump rooms are required there, along with they are easy to install and safer than their counterparts. CPVC accounted for the second-largest share of PVC pipes due to their long term reliability, lower costs and use for potable water distribution. PVC-O and other PVC plastic pipes accounted for the remaining share of PVC pipes.

By Structure of PVC Market (Organized/Unorganized)

~% of the market for PVC pipes is organized while the remaining is unorganized. The region has up to ~ number of organized companies with one listed company on the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

By Type of PE Pipe (HDPEMDPE & LDPE):

The market for PE pipes is dominated by HDPE pipes, followed by MDPE and LDPE. These pipes are used for drinking water and wastewater transportation for residential and industrial users and irrigation facilities for agriculture. MDPE pipes are costlier than HDPE and have better chemical resistance, hence majorly used for gas transportation. LDPE pipes have the best chemical resistance.

Projects: Government Projects such as Integrated Participatory Development and Management of the Irrigation Sector Project and the Village Development Programme has been a growth catalyst in the demand for HDPE pipes in Indonesia.

Manufacturers: Some of the major MDPE pipe manufacturers in Indonesia are PT Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika and Pralon.

Characteristics: HDPE pipes provide strong resistance to certain chemicals that include acid, alcohols, bases, esters and certain organic chemicals. They also offer excellent electrical properties but have a high thermal expansion and do not operate efficiently under any mechanical and thermal stress. They also have good impact strength.

End User: LDPE is most commonly used in electrical insulation and film packaging due to its electrical properties. MDPE pipes offer a high chemical resistance; these are primarily used for gas pipelines.

By End-User Application (Water and Irrigation, Sewage, Industries, and Mining, Cable Protection Conduits and Others):

Plastic pipes and fittings in Indonesia are most commonly used for water supply and irrigation. PVC and PE types are the most commonly used pipes for water supply and irrigation due to their characteristics such as ductility, temperature resistance and good immunity from corrosion. The second-highest share was for sewage applications largely due to the rising population and the awareness of sanitation and hygiene amongst the public. The PVC pipes such as uPVC and CPVC are generally used for sewerage systems as they are light, ductile and easy to install. On the other hand, Mining (Transportation of Slurry), Cable Protection (Conduit) and Others (Gas, fire equipment) accounted for the remaining share. These industries majorly use different PE pipes as these pipes are of better quality, safer and have a longer life than PVC pipes.

Comparative Landscape in Indonesia Plastic Pipe And Fittings

Indonesia Plastic pipes and fittings market is moderately concentrated in terms of sales value as out of all the companies operating in the market, six major companies (PT Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika, Vinilon Group, Maspion Kencana, PT Langgeng Makmur Industri Tbk., Unilon and Pralon) constitute a market share of around ~% in terms of sales value in USD Million and ~% in terms of volume (production capacity) in 2019(P).

Indonesia Plastic Pipes and Fittings Market Future Outlook And Projections 2019(P)-2025f

 The steadily rising population leads to a rise in demand for residential facilities that inevitably creates the demand for plastic pipes and fittings in Indonesia. With the increase in the disposable income and rising awareness amongst people, the demand for quality products (pipes and fittings) are also increasing in Indonesia. The government in Indonesia has been investing in several infrastructural projects that include the construction of flyovers and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) to reduce the congestion on roads and housing projects under schemes such as the One Million Homes’ Programme to provide housing facilities to the people in the country.

Key Segments Covered:-

By Type of Pipes




By Type of PVC Pipe




By Nature of PVC Market



By Type of PE Pipe




By End User Application

Water and Irrigation


Industries and Mining

Cable Protection Conduits

Others (Gas, Telecommunications)

Key Target Audience

Plastic Pipe Manufacturers

Raw Material Suppliers

Petrochemical Companies


Logistics Companies

Domestic Pipe Manufacturers

PE and Venture Capitalist Firms

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period – 2014-2019

Forecast Period – 2019-2025

Companies Covered in Report:

PT Wahana Jaya Rucika

PT Pralon

PT Vinilon Group

PT Langengg Makmur

PT Unilon

PT Maspion Kencana

Others including, Pt Indopipe, Pipaku, PT. Lestari Putra Sentosa, Pt Pluit Makmur Lestari, Pt Extrulindo Raya Abadi, Pt Jayaabadi Semarang, Pt Mk Elextric Indonesia, Pt Sapta Kencana Wungu, Pt Tjakrindo Mas Plastic Industry, Pt United Rope & Line Industry, Westpex, PT Avian Power and others

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

Plastic Pipes Market Indonesia

PPR Pipes Demand Indonesia

PVC Pipes Production Capacity Indonesia

Sanitary PVC Pipe Market Indonesia

Domestic Pipe Manufacturers in Indonesia

PT Pralon Indonesia Plastic Pipes Market Analysis

 PT Langengg Makmur Indonesia Plastic Pipes Growth

Future Infrastructure Projects in Indonesia

Indonesia Plastic Fittings Market

Indonesia Plastic Pipe Imports in Tonnes

Neltex PVC Pipes Market Indonesia

PE Pipes Market Growth Java

PT Wahana Jaya Rucika Indonesia Plastic Pipes Revenue

Wavin Ruchika Production Capacity Indonesia

Industrial and Mining Indonesia Pipe Market

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Indonesia Plastic Pipes and Fittings Market

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