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Home Business Malaysia Clinical Lab Market Outlook to 2027F: Ken Research

Malaysia Clinical Lab Market Outlook to 2027F: Ken Research

  1. Clinical laboratories market in Malaysia expanded at a CAGR of ~10% between 2017 and 2022P.

Malaysia Clinical Lab Market

There is Increase in adoption of digital pathology which has increased the demand for clinical laboratory services. The market size for clinical laboratories is expected to grow owing to GDP growth rate, technological advancement and investment by government towards healthcare.

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  1. Organized labs captures more than half of the market share and private labs by ownership captures the most at market in Malaysia Clinical Lab Market.

Malaysia Clinical Lab Market

High share of organised players is due to the presence of more independent labs, government labs, labs in research institute in Malaysia. Market share of private labs is more as compared to public lab since the government investment is limited in this industry. Medical tourism is increasing thereby increasing demand which is met by private players operating in the market.

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  1. Doctor referrals captures 85% of the market share since it is the first step in channel and patient prefer going through channel because of little or no knowledge of the possible tests.

Malaysia Clinical Lab Market

Doctor referrals comprises the most share as patient prefer going through the channel where doctor consultation is the first step because of little or no knowledge of the possible tests required for symptoms. This is the traditional channel of how healthcare system has worked for decades and still have major share in the market, however online referrals are in rise. Online referrals are popularizing due to online consultation being available at the ease as well as since covid-19, mostly people avoid going to clinics and hospitals except when emergency.

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Malaysia Clinical Lab Market Outlook to 2027F: Ken Research


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