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Rising Product Demand in Online Market, Emerging Innovative Products and Demand for Premium Baby Bed Nets will Positively Impact the India Untreated Mosquito Nets Market: Ken Research

Various untreated mosquito net sellers with a strong foothold in the market, such as ‘Vimal Filaments’ and ‘Archie Mosquito Nets’, have started to expand their brand presence on online sales channels and are selling products at a retail margin of 50.0% or more.

Specialty modern stores such as ‘First Cry’ and ‘Mee Mee’ have started selling infant bed nets since people are willing to pay a premium price for baby products. Preference for branded products in such case is very high.

HDPE and polyester are petroleum-based goods. The tension between USA and Iran and the strict sanctions imposed by USA have caused an increase in cost of mosquito net fabrics.

Brands Launching Innovative Products: Since untreated mosquito net is not a premium product and is mostly popular in tier II and tier III cities in India, the space for product innovation is limited due to price conscious target consumers. Primary exception to this trend is the infant category nets including umbrella nets, stroller nets and baby bed nets. Parents are willing to spend a premium amount in order to protect their kids from mosquitoes, bugs, bees and other vectors. 40 x 47 inch size is considered ideal for baby stroller nets whereas Infant bed nets with attached cotton padding are usually of size 20 x 20 x 5 inch.

Shift Towards Online Platforms: Due to rising internet and smart phone penetration in tier II and tier III cities, tech-savvy customers have shown an increased aptitude for online shopping of mosquito nets. As a result, major players such as Verdioz, Classic Mosquito Nets, Shahji Creations and Athena Creations were quick to join the bandwagon and have already established their presence on various e-commerce platforms. Few brands such as Healthgenie, Healthy Sleeping and Creative Mosquito Nets also have their in-house e-commerce website. It is anticipated that online sales platforms would gain further traction in the market in future and many small manufacturers will also start listing their product online for expanding their distribution reach.

Demand for Good Quality Fabrics: Commonly used fabrics for manufacturing untreated mosquito nets are HDPE, polyester and nylon. In addition, Cotton, (though considered as an expensive fabric for manufacturing mosquito nets) is currently used for producing baby bed nets due to its rising demand, as parents prefer best quality products for their children and cotton is softer on the skin. Also, ‘Terylene’ might become a viable fabric option for production of bed nets as it is considered to be of superior quality than HDPE. Brands such as Verdioz and ANS are the few players providing ‘Terylene’ mosquito nets as of now in the market and it is expected that more number of players will start producing ‘Terylene’ based mosquito nets in future as product demand increases.

The report titled India Untreated Mosquito Nets Market Outlook to 2024- By Unorganized and Organized, By Product Type (Frame/Foldable and Hanging), By Material Used (HDPE & Polyester, Nylon and Cotton), By Bed Size (Double Bed and Single Bed), By Regional Clusters and By Distribution Channel (Offline and Online)gives an in depth, comprehensive study on the untreated mosquito nets market in India. The report covers various aspects including overview & genesis of the market, market trends and challenges, market size by revenue and volume, findings of a detailed customer survey conducted across tier-2 and tier-3 cities in India for understanding product adoption, perception and future demand for untreated mosquito net products in various regions, along with segmentations for regional clusters (North India, South India, West India, South India and Central India). The report also maps the competitive landscape of the market including pricing analysis by SKUs, major distributors and their strengths, weaknesses and innovations. The market is expected to grow by CAGR 0.9% between 2019 and 2024.

Key Segments Covered:-

India Untreated Mosquito Nets Market

Revenue by Market Structure



Revenue by Product Type



Revenue by Material Used

HDPE and Polyester



Volume and Revenue by Bed Size

Double Bed

Single Bed & Infant Bed

Volume by Region

North India

South India

West India

South India

Central India

Revenue by Distribution Channel

Kirana Stores

Flea Markets

Furniture and Furnishing Stores

Supermarkets, Cosmetic Stores & Other Non Grocery Retailers

Online Platforms

Key Target Audience:-

Mosquito Repellent FMCG Companies

Mosquito Net Manufacturers/Distributors

Vector Control Government Organizations

Vector Borne Diseases NGOs

Untreated Mosquito Net Companies

Consultancy Companies

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Period: 2017-2019

Forecast Period: 2020F-2024F

Companies Covered:-

Archie (Royal Mosquito Nets)

Classic Mosquito Nets

Athena Creations



Healthy Sleeping Mosquito Net

Creative Mosquito Net


Riddhi Mosquito Nets

Sankari Plastic

Shoo Moski

Neruti Enterprise

Oscar Overseas

Pacicorp Organics

Key Topics Covered

India Untreated Mosquito Nets Market Overview

India Untreated Mosquito Nets Market Stage, Evolution and Industry Cycle

Cluster Mapping of India Untreated Mosquito Nets Market

India Untreated Mosquito Nets Market Demand and Market Size

Porters’ Five Forces Competitive Analysis for India Untreated Mosquito Nets Market

SWOT Analysis of India Untreated Mosquito Nets Market

India Untreated Mosquito Nets Market Segmentation

Competitive Landscape in India Untreated Mosquito Nets Market

Pricing Analysis in India Untreated Mosquito Nets Market

Distributor List in India Untreated Mosquito Nets Market

Strength and Weaknesses of India Untreated Mosquito Nets Distributors

Regulations in India Untreated Mosquito Nets Market

Trends and Developments

Issues and Challenges

End User Perception Analysis- Customer Survey

For More Information, refer to below link:-

India Untreated Mosquito Nets Market

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