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Competitive Landscape In K8 Activity Kit Industry

The competition in the industry is concentrated with the top two players contributing +70% of the revenue in 2020P. The majority of players entered the industry post-2017. Existing companies are developing art & craft and STEM-themed activities. Activity kit subscription, one-off activity boxes, festive boxes, travel boxes, gift cards, marketing, and STEM classes are few important revenue streams. Companies have used multiple marketing strategies such as gift vouchers, school collaborations, affiliate marketing through Instagram influencers, and CSR activities.

What Is The Future Of UAE Activity Kit Industry?

The industry will face a downfall in 2020 due to economic slowdown and restriction on movement due to the implementation of social distancing rules throughout the country. However, the revenue will be recovered by early 2022. The majority of the existing activity kits are based on art & craft theme and are therefore used just as a fun activity. Increasing awareness about the “Learning Doing” methodology in schools will lead to an increase in traction towards curriculum-aligned boxes which can help in delivering education in a fun way. There will be an increase in competition from foreign players especially Indian companies, demand from 6-14 years category will grow with the introduction of curriculum-aligned boxes and more & more companies are expected to use the B2B2C strategy to expand its presence in the country.

UAE Experiential Learning Market _ Cover Page

Overview Of UAE K12 E-Learning Industry

 The K12 e-learning industry in UAE is at its growth stage.  In UAE it has gained pace after 2017 and is becoming famous majorly among the Expats. The industry has been growing with a double digital year-on-year growth rate and its revenue has increased from ~ in 2017 to ~2020P. In 2020P, there were ~ total users of e-learning platforms; with ~, paid users and remaining ~ were unpaid users. Increasing internet penetration, a growing fee of home tutors, a limited number of offline tutoring institutes, and an increasing number of dual working parents have to lead to the increasing number of paid users. In 2020, e-learning companies earned AED ~ per user. E-Learning courses are priced AED 1,000-2,400. In UAE, the free material provided by E-Learning companies is usually provided by schools as well which led to less number of unpaid users.

K12 E-Learning Market Segmentation By Grade

Majority of revenue generated through Grade 9-Grade 12 kids studying CBSE and ICSE. These kids usually join supplementary classes to prefer for boards and for test preparation. Increasing private tutor fees has lead to an increase in traction for E-Learning from Grade 4-Grade 8 kids. BYJU’s is one of the very few companies providing experiential e-learning for UKG to Grade 3 kids.

Competitive Landscape In K12 E-Learning Industry

The industry is concentrated by Indian E-learning companies such as BYJU’s, Vedantu and Toppr, and few local companies such as Knowledge Planet and Meccademia. Companies are competing on the basis of the curriculum, target audience, technological stack, school partners, and brand value. There are various online companies providing only coding or Arabic classes. In 2020, BYJU’s market leader had ~86% of its paid users from Grade 4-Grade 12 category. The majority of E-Learning companies such as BYJU’s only provide CBSE and ICSE curriculum.

What Is The Future Of UAE K12 E-Learning Industry?

The industry experienced a slight downfall due to economic slowdown in 2020. The industry revenue is still expected to grow at a double-digit  CAGR (2020-2025) ~%. Irrespective of the curriculum, Arabic is a compulsory subject in all government as well as private schools in UAE. E-Learning Players can takeover or partner with an existing Arabic Coaching institute such as Appy kids, Keefak, Inlingua, and others to enter into Arabic coaching. Companies can market their product in schools by conducting seminars, workshops, cultural events, etc. Such activities will give companies access to the student and parent database. BYJU’s Toppr and Vedantu are expected to launch their coding courses WhitHatJr, Toppr Codr and Vedantu Superkids in UAE. Companies such as Vedantu and Toppr are expected to expand in GCC by forming local sales.

Key Segments Covered: –

K8 Activity Kit Industry Revenue By Age Group

0-3 years

4-6 years

7-9 years

10-14 years

K8 Activity Kit Industry Revenue By Subscription Type

1 Month

2 Month

3 Months

6 Months

12 Months

Others (4 Month, 8 Month & 9 Month)

K8 Activity Kit Industry Revenue By Emirate


Abu Dhabi


Others (Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Al Fujairah)

K12 E-Learning Industry Revenue By Grade

UKG- Grade 3

Grade 4-5

Grade 6-8

Grade 9-12

Key Target Audience

E-Learning Companies

Activity Kit Companies

Toy Companies



Government Authority

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2017-2020

Forecast Period: 2020-2025

Companies Mentioned:

UAE Activity Kit Subscription Competitive Ecosystem

Monki Box

Baby Box Swop

My Discovery Lab

The Happy Box

Kids Fun Box


UAE K12 E-Learning Competitive Ecosystem




Knowledge Planet


Key Topics Covered in the Report: –

Target Addressable Audience, Serviceable Addressable Market and Share of Market for Experiential Learning

Snapshot of Dubai Education Industry

Snapshot of Abu Dhabi Education Industry

Existing Gaps in Experiential Learning Industry

Supply Ecosystem

Business Model Analysis in Activity Kit Industry

Revenue Streams in Activity Kit Industry

Organizational Structure of Activity Kit Company

Case Studies of Offline Players Providing Experiential Learning in UAE such as Sylvan Learning Dubai and Metamindz

Porter Five Force Analysis for Activity Kit Industry and E-Learning Industry

BCG Matrix for Activity Kit Industry

Impact of COVID

Demand Side Survey Analysis

Analyst Recommendation

GTM Strategy for a New Entrant (Market Potential, Target Audience Bracketing, Product Positioning, Product Pricing Strategy, Marketing and Customer Acquisition Strategy and Potential Risks)

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Future of UAE Experiential Learning Market

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