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Future Outlook of Vietnam Medical Education Market: Ken Research

1. Disparity in Public & Private Universities, Expensive Course Structure and No Designated Board to conduct Exams have created disparity in the education system in Vietnam

Vietnam Medical Education MarketMost of the Universities do not conduct interviews for the admission process. This creates disparity and reduces the chances to improve upon one-time high school scores (National Entrance Examination). Each university has their own curriculum and has autonomy to design their own syllabi.

Vietnam Medical Education MarketMedical degrees are considered expensive in terms of time and money. They are thus limited to a certain class of people in Vietnam. Students usually have to pay for the equipment and special facilities in their departments for clinical training.

Vietnam Medical Education MarketThere are is no specific and designated Board for conducting medical examination to test the quality of students graduating the Medical School. There are no further Licensing examination to get accreditation for specialization by doing specialized practice in the field.

2. Key Initiatives taken by the Government to improve Medical Education in Vietnam

Five medical universities and policymakers to improve and innovate undergraduate medical education by providing technical assistance to comprehensively reform the 6-year training program for general medical doctors. Training led by Harvard Medical School educators produces faculty with improved skills in curriculum design, active learning, and clinical teaching, and creates a community of faculty to develop innovations in medical education.

A close partnership with the Ministry of Health facilitates sharing successful models and lessons learned with universities nationwide. With the goal of introducing standardized postgraduate training programs in all health specialties in Vietnam, the IMPACT MED Alliance provides technical support to policy makers at the Ministry of Health towards the development of laws and policies governing postgraduate medical education.

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As a result, more than 2,000 university faculty will be trained in new educational methods and five leading medical universities will be implementing a reformed six-year curriculum for training general medical doctors. By 2025, there will be more than 5,000 physician graduates of the new training programs.

3. Rising Population, Demand for quality healthcare and Shortfall in the existing healthcare workforce are the biggest enablers of the Medical Education Market in Vietnam

Vietnam Medical Education MarketThere is an increase in the population of Vietnam over the years but healthcare workforce is relatively low compared to the total population (around 1 physician and 1.3 nurses per 1,000 residents). The imbalance in the healthcare workers versus the growth of the population. This will drive the demand for more doctors.

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Vietnam Medical Education MarketVietnam also has one of the most rapidly aging populations in the world, with an increasing demand for quality healthcare services and new issues likely to emerge in the health sector in future years. Increase in quality of support staff is expected to be a major support to failing healthcare facilities.

Vietnam Medical Education MarketGovernment has recently granted HIE autonomy to determine their curriculum. This will make Vietnamese medical education more decentralized and competitive.


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