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Increase in Sea Food Consumption to Drive the Fishing, Hunting and Trapping Global Market: Ken Research

Hunting is defined as the chase of wildlife for food, recreation and trade activities. The animals that are hunted are called game for specific seasons. Some hunters bait even as others make a blind hunt, that’s a way of expecting animals in a hidden or improved places. Many hunters facade themselves based on the environment. Traps also can be set to capture or kill animals. Moreover, one more method is called blinding animals with artificial light. The strategies differ relying on government regulations, nearby customs, system and the animals being hunted. A mixture of techniques are often used in accordance with the law.

Fishing has now developed different approach for the hunting. The fishing can be said as pursuit and seize of fish other than aquatic animals together with mollusks and crustaceans. Largely there are two forms of fishing, business and recreational, the commercial fishing is widely done for the profit approach. The fish catching is even pursued far into the ocean and often under dangerous conditions. The industrial fishing by the commercial enterprise can vary range from a small boat to a sizable fleet that strategies lots of fish catching on a daily basis. The commercial fishing is carried by using of large nets and skilled people by using gear that includes trawls, dredges, hacks, carry nets, weights, and traps.

According to the study “Fishing, Hunting and Trapping Global Market Report 2019” the key companies operating in the market are Keep America Fishing Organization, National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers, American Sport fishing Association, Angler’s Legacy, and National Rifle Association.

Fishing, Hunting and Trapping market includes the commercial catching of shellfish, finfish and other wild animals from their usual habitat. The hunting & trapping activities are further classified as subsector including fishing based on the availability of resources and other constraints imposed including conservation requirements and the proper habitat maintenances. Moreover the use of technological advance way by using fish aggregating device increasingly now being adopted for the fishing companies to increase their production. The FAD is a structure or the device, made of any material, used for luring of fish. The FAD is also available with sonar and satellite buoys for receiving the efficient tracking information associated to the marine animals. The recreational fishing is also considered as sport, fun and competition. The fishers also use rod, reel, line, hooks, and baits such as artificial flies. The fishing and hunting animals is also well known as sport or for food that requires proper licensing of the hunters. The hunters jerk, smoke and cure the meat to eat whenever required.

Based on segment by application fishing, hunting and trapping global market is divided into Sportfishing Association, Fishing Organization and others. Based on geography Asia Pacific was the leading region in the market, accounting for three-fourth of the market followed by Western Europe region accounting for single digit share in the global fishing, hunting and trapping market. The Middle East region was the smallest region in the market.

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