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3 Catalysts To India Test Preparation Market; Will The Growth Sustain? : Ken Research

Online Test Prep Paying Users expected to rise over 10 Mn by 2025, making up almost 20% of overall test aspirants, as per findings released by Ken Research.

1. Vernacular Language-Based Courses Help the Larger Portion of Students to Get the Best Ever Learning That Too in Their Own Mother Tongue.

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Almost 60% of Government exam aspirants prefer to learn through bi-lingual courses. Large proportion of users almost 70%, for online test prep companies come from tier-2 & tier-3 cities, encouraging companies to create vernacular test prep solutions (ex: Entri, Doubtnut, Adda247). To get the best result, new entrants must adopt vernacular language solutions through live courses, tests & practice questions.

2. Almost, 8% of Test Takers Annually, prepare through Online Test Prep Solutions.
Wireless internet subscribers in the country grew from 267 Mn (92 Mn rural) in 2015 to 665 Mn in 2019 (248 Mn rural). Changing structure of exams from subjective to objective & the moving of many pen & paper-based tests to online testing methods.

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3. Low Affordability of Coaching Programs: Out of 25 Lakh+ Students That Appear for JEE & NEET Every Year, only 15-25% of The Test Takers Can Afford the Cost of Offline Coaching.

Better affordability for App-based coaching; the affordability levels of learners for app-based test preparation ranged between ₹ 1,200 to ₹ 3,000 on an annual basis. Purse Strings Loosen for Live-Online Learning About 20% of students are willing to pay extra if the online platform gives them access to live-classes. 60-70% audience of online test prep companies are from Tier-2, Tier-3 & Tier-4 cities, especially for job-based exams such as government, defense, PSU etc. Test prep companies pricing courses accordingly, keeping in mind paying power of major chunk of user-base. Test book prices its monthly subscription pass @ ₹ 150, while annual subscription boils down to ₹25/month.

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