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4 Cornerstones of Thailand’s Medical Education Market: Embracing New trends, Improved Governance and Diverse Opportunities: Ken Research

As of 2019, Thailand’s population of 68 million is served by 927 government hospitals and 363 private hospitals with 9,768 primary care health units (SHPH clinics), responsible for Thai citizens’ health at the sub-district level. SHPH has played a significant role in Thai public health. Additionally, there are 25,615 private clinics. This increase in demand for medical services is due to an aging population and an increase in chronic illnesses. As a result, the medical education market is projected to foresee a bright future in the years to come.

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1. Similar to other Asian Countries Internal Medicine is a popular choice of most medical students due to the various options availability for sub specialty

Thailand Medical Education Market

General Medicine and Neurology are the most popular areas of sub-specialization in Internal Medicine. It is by far the most popular Specialization for inters, since maximum seats are occupied by residents are for internal medicine. Moreover, Internal Medicine owes its popularity and highest trainee area is due to the vast expanse of fields and subjects such as, Allergy/Immunology, Cardiology, Critical care medicine, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology and more.  Furthermore, the pass percentage rate has been considered as 80% in the IM Exam. This percentage is quiet high compared to other Asian Countries, which makes is much more competitive.

2. Krung Thep Maha Nakhon has the highest no. of medical colleges because it is the only cosmopolitan city with cultural and commercial centre in Thailand

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Krung Thep Maha Nakhon has the maximum no. of colleges because there is high literacy rate and high accumulation secondary schools. Another major reason is the high opportunity for the internship and residency program, since maximum no. of colleges in the central region. Moreover, government is now targeting the rural regions to avoid over crowdedness in the central region and improve healthcare in the rural areas.

3. Thailand’s Higher Education Institutes flourishes under Centralized Governance and Enhanced Oversight by MOE Office.

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Thailand currently has 156 higher education institutions (HEIs) which are divided into three categories: autonomous, public and private . Another important change has been the creation of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESI) in May 2019. This reflects the Thai Government’s belief that research is at the heart of higher education, and research can make an impact when researchers work hand-in-hand with HEIs. In addition, the Council of University Presidents of Thailand and the Association of Private Higher Education Institutions of Thailand are important peak bodies that influence the administration and policy of both public and private HEIs.

4. There has been International Collaborations for Ophthalmology campaigning for the reduction in prevalence of eye diseases in Thailand.

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The Ministry of Education Thailand has endorsed many collaborations with other foreign countries in terms of education. Fifty-eight Thai higher education institutions signed 583 MOUs with foreign counterparts. Thai Government has initiated medical education reforms, that have facilitated the international collaboration between universities, Thai to English program and easy visa facility for foreign students. OHSU Casey Eye Institute, in collaboration with OHSU Global’s partnerships in Southeast Asia, is working hard to bring positive change to eye care in Myanmar.


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