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Thailand Property Classifieds Market is expected to grow massively in the future as a result of growing interest of Foreign Buyers along with Exponential growth of smartphone penetration: Ken Research

1. Thailand is one of the leading market for Property Classified in South-East Asia region and growing at a CAGR of ~21% during 2015-2021.

Thailand Property Classifieds Market1

Thailand Property Classified market has evolved and achieved high acceptance among customers. Presently the market is growing at an impressive growth rate in the country. However, the industry faced a downfall in revenue during the global pandemic but soon the market ramped up. Presently the Thailand Property Classified sector is highly driven by e-commerce, increase in online shopping and rising smartphone penetration. Moreover, the growing interest from foreign buyers and infrastructural developments and improved amenities are poised to fuel the growth of this segment in the next few years. Due to this, the property-classified industry in Thailand is expected to grow with double-digit CAGR in between 2021 and 2026F.

2. Bangkok holds highest share in property classified market driven by growing urban population, and tourism.

Thailand Property Classifieds Market2

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Central Thailand holds the maximum share of real estate transactions due to the growing demand for office space from the e-commerce sector, shift to e-commerce presenting an opportunity for the office and logistics market, increase in tourist activity and increasing interest from foreign buyers.  As a result, Bangkok captures the highest share in the property-classified market of around 40% followed by Pattaya, Phuket, and others.

3. Here, revenue Via Listings and Classifieds Model contributed more than 60%, in 2021, while that of Aggregators and Co-Living contributed less than 40% in the same year.

Thailand Property Classifieds Market3

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Revenue via Listings and Classifieds generated highest revenue due to increased user base. Majority of the property classified ad marketplaces provide the main services at free of cost so that the users can buy/rent properties and the sellers can list their properties for free. A growing millennial workforce, fast evolving consumer trends and untapped demand potential in the market are real draw cards for start-ups and developers looking to enter the Aggregators and Co-Living market.

4. PropertyHub, TerraBkk, FazWaz, and ZmyHome are some of the leading players in Thailand Listings & Classified Property Classified Market.

Thailand Property Classifieds Market4

The Property Classified industry of Thailand is moderately fragmented market for Listings and Classifieds Companies with presence of 80+ players in the industry with presence of 80+ players in the industry and highly Concentrated Market for Aggregators & Co-Living Companies. PropertyHub is the major player in Thailand property classified market in listings and classified model with majority of the market share.


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