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India Online Education Industry Research Report: Ken Research

Major Program Domains Targeted By Ed-Tech Companies

In the emerging technology landscape in the country, professionals are constantly forced to expand and develop their skill-set in order to be protected from massive job displacements at the hands of automation and technology. Data Science and Analytics are the strongest emerging areas where companies are requiring their employees to develop a skill-set. In addition, tech-focused domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Robotics are currently the need of the hour in IT companies as these emerging technologies will form the crux of IT operations going forward. The sporadic rise of E-Commerce has prompted a multitude of new roles such as Category Managers, Product Managers, Supply Chain Analytics and Product Heads. Product Management, Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics & Social Media Marketing are now the cornerstones of any consumer-focused business and are rapidly rising in demand in the up-skilling program space. In addition, software development, cloud, cybersecurity and blockchain are the emerging tech domains which are gaining traction while management and leadership-focused programs face high adoption by mid to senior-level management.

Program Delivery Modes Offered by Ed-Tech Players

Career Programs were offered by Private Institutions in the form of MDPs, Classroom training institutes, MOOC platforms and SPOC platforms. SPOC platforms seemed to dominate the supply side for such career-focused programs, Program Delivery Modes mapped were Offline/Classroom-Based, Self-Paced/Pre-Recorded Online, Live-Online and Blended (Online+Offline). The presence of an online mode of delivery was seen to be the most common offering in the program portfolio of players. Live doubt the resolution, chat boxes, peer-to-peer learning, quizzes, regular questions, hackathons, capstone projects, and boot-camps were the major learning tools offered by ed-tech players to their learners. Video conferencing-based programs provided through satellite or live-streaming in VC centers are also gaining uptake in the professional segment. Tier-1 institutes are partnering with Virtual classroom providers to expand the reach of their program’s country-wide.

Target Audience Trends

Working Professionals generally devote a considerable amount of time to decide which programs to enroll in and are generally on the lookout for weekend blended and classroom+online programs provided on weekends. Moreover, blended programs combining campus learning and online learning in tie-up with a Tier 1 Indian institute is gaining traction among senior management professionals whose companies sponsor professional education programs. Major program domains gaining traction among working professionals included IT & Computer Science, Business & Economics, Engineering, ML, Deep Learning, AI & Education. Masters & Short Duration Certifications dominated the uptake of programs for IT and Computer Science while Masters, MBA dominated Business Economic programs. Professionals focused on Live-Online Instructor-led programs which are in a structured and calendar-based format along with Blended (Classroom and Digital learning combining) programs.

Future Outlook and Projections Of India Ed-Tech Driven Higher Education Market

The uptake of Ed-tech delivered programs are expected to rise in the future as technological advancements in IT, Retail, BFSI, Automotive and Telecom sectors among others will force professionals to adapt and alter their skill-sets. Graduate segment and college segment programs are expected to drive up the demand by students in the future. In the competition side, mergers and acquisitions activity and the entry of new players in the industry are expected to drive growth in the adoption and spread of Ed-tech towards untapped regions and segments. Emerging revenue models and course domains will also impact the competition in the market and lead to lower customer acquisition costs for Ed-Tech players, further down the line.

Key Segments Covered: –

By Ed-Tech Driven Higher & Professional Education Program Segment





By Higher Education Course Segment






Key Target Audience

Ed-Tech Companies

Independent Investors

Venture Capital Firms


Corporate Training Companies

Government Ministries

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period – 2013-2019

Forecast Period – 2019-2025

Companies Covered in Report:




Talent Sprint

Great Learning

Eruditus & Emeritus

Northwest Executive Education

Hughes Global Education

VC Now


Trilogy Education Services

Others (NIIT,  Intellipaat,  Imarticus Learning, Times Professional Learning, NuLearn,  Edureka,  EduKyu,  Jigsaw Academy, Analytics Vidhya, Aptus Learn & Verzeo)

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India Ed-Tech Driven Career Programs Market

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